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Neet PG Not Qualified

Neet PG Not Qualified

Options in United Kingdom
NEET PG Failed aspirants
NEET PG is the only eligibility exam to secure admission in MD/MS Courses in India. Due to huge number of aspirants and limited number of seats many students don't get chance to pursue further studies in their desired specialty.

NEET PG Unqualified
Medical council of India has recognized Post Graduate degrees from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

MCI List of Recognized Foreign Medical Qualifications
Scroll down to the last to read the latest amendment issued on 10/03/2008.

Studying PG Medicine Abroad – Possibilities and Opportunities for Indian Students
We don't require you to appear and pass PLAB to pursue clinical programs in United Kingdom.

MD in UK without PLAB

PLAB & MRCP Training in UK

Possibilities & Opportunities for Indian Students

Study PG Medicine and Surgery in the UK
UK has always been a preferred location for advanced medical education or Post Graduation Medical Education. In India we can find number of renowned and respected doctors with large set of degrees ending with MRCP, FRCP, MRCS, FRCS, MRCOG etc. That's the power of the UK in terms of attracting top minds and silent way of proudly saying that I am trained in most respected medical practice worldwide.UK attracts number of medical professionals looking for Research in Oncology, Medicine, surgery or any other allied fields. Training opportunities in UK is also very popular among Indian doctors.

Clinical Doctor of Medicine in UK
•  Internal Medicine
•  Cardio-Vascular
•  Gastroenterology
•  Diabetes
•  Psychiatric Medicine

Surgery in UK
•  Orthopedic
•  Gastrointestinal
•  Vascular
•  Urology
•  ENT
•  Ophthalmology

Dermatology in UK
Many British Universities are offering Clinical Dermatology programs in UK. Leading universities offering such programs in the specialty are King's College London and University College London. MRCP will be registering body in UK.

Paediatrics in UK
Masters courses in Paediatrics are available in University College London and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. RCPCH will be registering body in UK.

Entry Requirements:
There are strict entry requirements for those looking to study medicine at the postgraduate levels. IELTS scores range from 6.5 to 7.5 from institution to institution. Those looking to study a postgraduate programme should have completed a undergraduate degree in Medicine followed by relevant work experience of minimum three years. Mostly universities select students after many rounds of interviews and a proven track record during practice.

Does it make Sense to Study Medicine Abroad
The primary reason why many students look to go abroad to study medicine is that they fail to secure a seat in a heavily quota-based system in India and with the introduction of NEET -PG situation worsened. This truly de-motivates talented and skilled students, who deserve better and unless merit-based rankings and ratings supersede the caste-based quota system of allotment; the 'brain drain' will continue!.

Huge fees of Private Medical Colleges in India, also restricts the talented and passionate minds from taking the seats in India. The professionalism in terms of teaching, state-of-the-art learning facilities and opportunities for research are the other factors that contribute to students going abroad to study medicine PG.

MCI recognizes degrees from UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Also, the standard of training and the medical standards in the said five countries are considered best worldwide. There is no point discussing about the countries which are not recognized by MCI for Post Graduation.

What to do after Graduation?
These courses are ideal for ambitious International Doctors who will benefit from a Clinical MD, intensive clinical training, MRCP, MRCS, MRCOG, options for working in the NHS and research training. UK expects graduates from the course to become prominent Medical Practitioners in their country of origin, after successful completion of the course one should come to their native country and serve the society. Though UK provides working opportunities but remember in India we have huge shortage of medical professionals

MCI List of Recognized Foreign Medical Qualifications